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Building Resources for a Changing Industry

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Engineered Plastics Shapes, High Tolerance Machines Parts and Custom Machining and Fabrication

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High Tech Material Handling and Conveyor Solutions

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Tube Forming, Custom Springs and Wires, and Customer Vinyl Plastisol Coatings

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High Performance Engineering Thermoplastics

Activar | Diversified American Manufacturing and Distribution

  • We have a partnership with Activar. Working with them makes my life easier because they always provide the information I request.
    Senior Purchaser @ National Industrial and Water Treatment Chemical Distributor
  • Working with Activar helps us grow because they facilitate competitive prices and quick delivery.
    Operations Manager, World Leader in Gases for Technologies and Services
  • Working with Activar keeps our customers coming back because they trust the products. The products have been in our catalog for 25 years
    President @ Wholesale Fire Protection Company
  • Working with Air Louvers and JL Industries grows our business by offering multiple product groups
    President, National Supplier of Doors, Frames, and Hardware
  • Afton understands the service aspect of our business. They help us look good because we can focus on our customers and their deliveries
    Owner, International Plastic Provider
  • The relationship we have with Afton is that of a partnership. Their support demonstrates technical expertise that is useful to my customer
    General Manager, National Source for Engineered Plastics
  • Activar has perfected their strategic rotation of warehouses. The foresight to understand that freight and delivery times are a key factor was very innovative and impressive. Their speed is why they makeup 98% of our sales.
    Principal, National Louver Distributor
  • Lead times! Your lead times work great with our production schedule and pricing is competitive.
    Manufacturing Supervisor, Medical Device Distributor
  • We like working with Activar first and foremost because of your strong product quality record.
    Buyer, National Instrumentation Distributor